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The Weight of the World is Love - Masterpost


Under the cut is a massive collection of season eight and nine text, subtext, tropes, narrative mirrors and quotes from cast/tptb that I believe point toward a canonically acknowledged romantic relationship between Dean and Castiel by the end of the series. Cautious optimism is the name of the game, folks, and at this point I’m only struggling to stick to the cautious part.

This was put together partially as an elaborate and moderately absurd form of procrastination, partially because I felt like spreading some positivity, and partially because I wanted an excuse to title something with a line from my favorite Allen Ginsberg poem, which also happens to be incredibly Dean/Cas for something written in 1954.

The list is broken down into groups of five episodes, and relevant comments from TPTB that refer to the show as a whole and not to a particular episode are listed in the final group.

I’ve linked to my own and other peoples meta, youtube clips, screencaps, soundbites and gifs to illustrate many points, and have also included the links to each episode’s supernaturalwiki page, so you can look at transcripts and check the context of quotes if that kind of thing is up your alley.

If there is anything that I’ve missed (which is entirely possible given the size of this monster) please let me know and I’ll gladly add to the lists! Anything sent to me in an ask will be added to the end of the relevant episode under “extra points raised by readers” with a link back to the tumblr user who sent it in (unless you’d rather stay anon) so don’t be shy :)

Lastly, here’s three things to remember:

"…the monsters of the week are sometimes reflections of what our boys are going through on an emotional level.”

-Jeremy Carver, showrunner/writer [x]

Our set dressing and shot composition is very deliberate…”

- Jerry Wanek, production designer/director [x]

"No such thing as ‘totally overanalyzed

- Robbie Thompson, writer [x]

TPTB have spoken: narrative mirrors, set design and subtext are all deliberate and important things. Without further ado, let’s get this ridiculous fucking show on the road.


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Friendly reminder that at the end of this coming week we’re getting two brand new Supernatural sneak peeks :

Season 9 Gag Reel + Season 10 Scene  





Season 10 Predictions and AU’s

So apparently a season 10 description was recently released (which you can read here). And in that, Sam is off chasing a missing Dean, and Cas meanwhile is working to fix Heaven.

I recognise the council has made a decision, but given that it’s a stupid-ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it.

So this is my version.

bad twitter jokes already Ackles…


I love Felicia so much


Jared helping Jensen tweet for the first time [x]

Shameless US cast does the ALSIceBucketChallenge: Emmy Rossum (Fiona Gallagher), Emma Rose Kenney (Debbie Gallagher), Shanola Hampton/Jeremy Allen White (Veronica Fischer/Lip Gallagher) and Noel Fisher (Mickey Milkovich)

Happy Birthday Misha Collins!

true as fuck zodiac

  • aries: lovable but still a lil bitch
  • taurus: p cute but probably sacrifices hamsters to satan in their free time
  • gemini: crayola as fuck
  • cancer: rude as hell and not to be trusted with shit
  • leo: cutest ever
  • virgo: really deep and doesn't take any shit
  • libra: weird as hell omg
  • scorpio: probably satan
  • sagittarius: cute and very sweet
  • capricorn: to be avoided bc they're like taurus but they probs talk about their hamster sacrifices
  • aquarius: charming but hella strange once you know them
  • pisces: even more crayola than gemini








what would blended cucumber taste like

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we are now the supernatural fandom

You’ll need a few more episodes to reach Supernatural Fandom level of relevant gifs.





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pet shaming, Supernatural style: part 1 (part 2)


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